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'A high-yield investment.'


A highly innovative, engaging and practical washroom solution coupled with an ambient digital media channel.

What's so special?

Every Mr.Friendly urinal, with built-in video player, is precisely defined and controlled. Choose your target group based on, for example, region, age category, social class, type of visit and location.

  • High impact LCD screen
  • High recall rate @ 90% and non-intrusive
  • Demographically targeted male audience
  • Play video, images, Livestream & RSS etc
  • HTTPS secure remote content deployment
  • Campaigns deployed nationally/regionally in seconds
  • Update creative content hourly, daily or weekly
  • 5 – 40 sec adverts – shared on rotation or dedicated


Men who use the Mr.Friendly urinal are relaxed and are enjoying themselves. Relaxing then means that they are open to messages from the outside world. They are not focused on anything else and are open to your message!

Men who use the Mr.Friendly urinal don’t look around but look ahead. The built-in mediaplayer is mounted with an optimal viewing angle. There is no possibility of doing anything else. So they will see your message for sure! Attention is guaranteed.


You cannot miss seeing the screen in a Mr.Friendly urinal. As soon as a man steps in front of the urinal, his presence is detected by a sensor. The screen immediately switches on and attracts his attention. He cannot look or click away the video. No distraction but focus! Focus on your advertising message.

The man who uses the Mr.Friendly urinal is usually looking ahead. He is not distracted! He cannot easily look around. The built-in display has been engineered with a viewing angle to enable optimal viewing. In addition, the display only plays when the man is in front. The animated images attract his attention and viewed with certainty!


Each advertising video saves almost a liter of water at a time. Really sustainable advertising! We immediately re-invest advertising revenues to new locations saving even more water.

The Mr.Friendly urinals are waterless! Three liters of water per visit is saved. As a result, thousands of men who use the urinal save many liters of clean water. Mr.Friendly network revenues are re-invested into new locations with water-free urinals. Every advertising video shown immediately saves water! The advertising profits are directly used to increase sustainability. Your advertisements have a big effect on men as well as contribute to sustainability.


Whenever we install a waterless urinal at a location, we consult with the owner. Which audience comes here and when? Which social class? What are the opening hours? Which products and brands are sold here? We record this information to ensure you easily reach your target audience.

In addition to information about visitors and the location, we naturally also have all kinds of information about the geographical location. Where is the site located? If you are looking for men in a certain region, we can find them for you!

Do you want to advertise at specific times or days or doesn’t it matter when? Everything is possible. You decide where, when and with whom your video ad will be played.

Our platform is very intelligent. Our smart software accumulates all information and data that we have collected by location and by urinal. This allows you to exactly select the type of man you wish to speak to.


Watching the same old video is boring. Easily switch different video displays.

We operate a sustainable “Out-of-Home” (OOH) digital platform that above all, doesn’t waste paper.

But it also means that the content can be easily changed. We like to keep our offer dynamic. In practice, this means that we can always deliver several different videos with the same message. Our platform sets up a consistent distribution or anything else if you like. Different displays based on the time, day or region. For example, a display that is best suited to the morning and in the evening a display best suited to the evening. Everything can be done.


The Mr.Friendly urinal has a built-in sensor which keeps track of exactly how many men have visited the urinal. So we know:

  • How often your video is played
  • How many liters of water has been saved
  • What the viewing ratio is. How much of your video been played?
  • Where did your video play? Which region and which times.

This is valuable information that contributes to a successful campaign. We can help you create the best campaign that targets men.

Sustainable advertising- Each advertisement saves water!

The world around us is rapidly evolving toward sustainability. New generations of people want your company and brand to be responsible in the world we live in. An eye for our surroundings and protecting the environment has become increasingly important.

At Mr.Friendly, every advertisement is immediately converted into new water-saving urinals! Where else are you able to advertise in such a sustainable way? Mr.Friendly proves that environmentally-friendly is also business-friendly.


Together with Mr.Friendly we install waterless urinals. These urinals save 3 liters of water per visit from a man.

Meanwhile thousands of men use these waterless urinals and save thousands of liters of expensive potable water. Waterless urinals don’t rinse with water, rather with a state-of-the-art, smart solution to keep the urinal hygienic and fresh.


Mr.Friendly donates waterless urinals to busy and popular locations. This concept is unique in the world. The urinals are not only free of charge but the installation is free as well.

Existing water flushing urinals are removed and replaced with waterless urinals. The site holder receives these nice, modern urinals free of charge.

It is then also no wonder that the number of installed urinals are rapidly growing.


Mr.Friendly urinal is equipped with a video player that enables this environmentally-friendly investment. Sponsors’ messages can be displayed on the video screen. Sponsors make this initiative happen!

Mr.Friendly is responsible for the content that is displayed on the urinal screens. This water-saving initiative is made possible by sponsor campaigns. Do something good for our environment by advertising on the Mr.Friendly urinal.

Extensive campaign possibilities

Bigger campaigns are regularly distributed over various digital channels and operators. Thanks to our broad adjustment options and precise measurements, we can easily connect to other channels. We reach men in our own unique way which often complements existing campaigns. We would like to discuss your specific campaign wishes.

If the existing campaign already has video content, we recommend shortening it to 6, 8 or a maximum of 10 seconds. Grab that man’s attention! Take the core messaging from the existing online video and let it rotate on the Mr.Friendly displays.


The deployment of campaigns can be calculated by our software sensors in different ways:

  • Afterwards based on the number of screenings. We apply different CPM rates depending on the duration of the video and preselections. In this specific case, you will receive an invoice afterwards for the number of videos that were shown in the agreed period.
  • In advance based on the number of sites. The price is determined on the basis of, among other things, the number of screens installed, the length of the video, any preselections, period and duration of the campaign. Contact us for the current prices and options.
  • In advance based on agreed numbers. Through our technology (sensors and software) we can agree in advance how many views fit within the campaign. Our sophisticated systems automatically ensure a good distribution within the specified period. It is possible to exclude certain times or to make other selections. Let’s discuss further!
  • Based on fixed agreements. In addition to individual campaign agreements, it is also possible to make fixed agreements for a longer period. For example, you pay a fixed price per month depending on the number of views, among other things.


We can also collaborate with your media agency or provide a digital link with existing IT systems or those of the media agency. We can, among other things, provide a link via VAST (Digital Video Ad Serving Template). We are happy to discuss the options.

Reporting, results and conversion

Our systems offer ample opportunities to share reports. The results in relation to the number of played videos are of course available. If desired, we can specify these according to location, target group, times etc. Let’s discuss together what is important for your campaigns!

Conversion measurement is, in part, possible. We offer the option to link a campaign to a physically present QR code to sent men who scan this to a campaign-related landing page. We measure the exact numbers that we would like to share with you! Contact us for the possibilities!


We would like to help you create the content for our video displays. Our extensive experience enables us to translate your message effectively into the urinal display. This man’s undivided attention is unique but different in terms of duration and surroundings. The message must be carefully customized to the environment and situation where he finds himself in. We are happy to discuss this with you! Shall we meet?

Effectively raise your company’s profile

Decide for yourself where, when and to whom you advertise

You can easily select Mr.Friendly urinals if they are already installed in your target market. That way you only advertise in your own region, limiting your numbers and costs!

If you want to advertise nationally, but only appeal to a specific target group, then the possibilities are endless. Examples: only men who go to the gym, only young men (or not), or men living only in big cities, etc.

In addition to selecting on a regional basis or by target group, you can also advertise only at specific times. Only during the day, for example, or only on the weekend. If you want a short campaign that is specifically tailored to a special event, that is also possible. A specific campaign, for example, with respect to Mother’s Day, which runs until Mother’s Day and then no longer afterwards.


The Mr.Friendly urinal is equipped with a presence sensor. We also measure exactly how often your video has been shown to men. In this way you can determine how much attention you want. You can determine the price, starting from 1,000 views per month. You can advertise in a unique way for only a few bucks per month!

You limit the numbers by not speaking to every man. Only a specific region, target group or just advertising on a specific day or time. Everything is possible!

You can also automatically limit the number of views. Allow us to manage your budget and we will allocate the number of videos played so that your budget is not exceeded. This makes advertising on Mr.Friendly urinals suitable for both small and larger advertisers.


You need a short but good customized video to speak to the men in your target audience. Do you have experience with this? If not, we are happy to help you! We will produce your first video free of charge! The costs for such a video are not excessive, because it only takes 8 seconds on average and has no sound. All the more reason to regularly develop nice and new, short videos.

The Acceptance Study

The Acceptance Study was performed in Complex Maastricht, Netherlands.


Higher recall rate than trough other advertisement channels.


Say that the video display was the first thing they noticed in the restroom.


Find the advertising on Mr.Friendly positive or aren't bothered by it.