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Water-Free Urinal without Display

This urinal has everything in it. Beautiful material, perfectly shaped so that splattering is out of the question, sleek white ceramic, heavily constructed and built to last for many years. It is not for nothing that thousands have already been installed. The nicest hotels, the nicest restaurants, the busiest locations and many stadiums. They all chose Waterless!

Mr.Friendly Urinal with Display

Absolutely unique. Watch inspiring videos while using the urinal.
Communicate with your customers. Advertise your special promotions or recruit new staff. It is all possible via the built-in display in the urinal.
Make sales by allowing external advertisers on your urinal.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

WC and urinal cleaner

To keep an anhydrous urinal clean, the detergent must match well. We have asked EnzyForce, which specializes in environmentally friendly enzymatic cleaning, to develop a cleaning agent specially selected for the use of anhydrous urinals. It breaks down contamination, which is caused by urine, and causes the hardening, which greatly reduces urine.

Floor and sanitary cleaner

Not only the toilet and the urinal should be fresh and clean. The floor and other components must of course also be clean and fresh. Mr.Friendly has the right cleaning agents for the sanitary room. Order directly in our store

Restroom Accessories


Low energy consumption! Dan Dryer hand dryer made of brushed stainless steel with IR sensor and electronic timer. Almost maintenance-free with induction motor and with lock for effective protection against vandalism!

Mini Hand-Dryer

Mini hand dryer with IR sensor and electronic timer from Dan Dryer.
This hand dryer is ideal for toilets with relatively few users.


Wet Filter

Wet Filter used for Mr.friendly urinals without a screen, in comparison with other wet filters on the market this filter uses barely any liquid due to its so-called velocity design. (A small bag of ketchup for 3 months is enough)

Dry Filter

Filter used for Mr.Friendly urinals with a screen. A simple but effective dry filter. Our dry filter works better than many others on the market as it has been tested for many years and on top of that is also very cost-efficient.

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