The Mr.Friendly urinal has been custom-designed using synthetic material which contains an indestructible anti-bacterial and highly repellent material. Due to its slightly larger size, Mr.Friendly hangs seamlessly on the wall after replacing the old urinal.


The Mr.Friendly urinal is connected to the existing drain, but does NOT rinse with water. Rather, cleaning is similar to ‘normal’ water rinsing urinals.


Mr.Friendly is equipped with a special filter including the liquid that ensures no sewage odors escape. There is no mechanical filter that you sometimes find with other waterless urinals, but is completely airtight. The illustration demonstrates how Mr.Friendly works.


The Mr.Friendly urinal is also slightly larger than conventional urinals, cleverly designed to prevent less spatter and spillage, thereby resulting in a cleaner space.


We often install Mr.Friendly where one or more conventional urinals already exist. In this type of scenario, we first remove the existing urinal and replace it with Mr.Friendly, using the same drainage as well as the old water pipeline that is no longer needed. The old water pipeline is required to provide the Internet and power supply to the built-in computer and display.