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Mr.Friendly is completely specialized in anhydrous (dry or waterless) urinals. These are modern urinals that do not use clean drinking water for flushing. So good for the environment! An anhydrous urinal contributes to more sustainability.

Those who want to be more sustainable do not flush clean drinking water through urinals.

The use of anhydrous urinals is a good opportunity to be more sustainable. It also provides an advantage in achieving a higher level with regard to CSR (such as, for example, Green Key certificate).

Denmark's most successful urinal is now available in the Netherlands.

Benefits of Waterless Urinals

The use of anhydrous urinals has several advantages. In public toilets you should not want anything else (if installed correctly!)

Water is one of the most precious resources on the planet. More than 1 billion people do not have access to a source of clean drinking water and around 3 billion experience water scarcity at least one month per year.

We at Mr. Friendly provide unique waterless urinals with/without a built-in video screen that helps you in saving anything between 56,800 liters to 1, 70,000 liters of water per urinal per year.


An anhydrous urinal does not flush with drinking water. Drinking water is for drinking and not for flushing the sewer. Drinking water must be “produced”. The process of purifying and transporting is complicated. In addition, chemicals are often used. The less water we all use, the less water (and energy) we need.


Urinary stone is a bond between components from urine and lime. The lime mainly comes from the water that is added when rinsing. So don’t! Urinary stone is a drama for your pipes and sooner or later causes nasty blockages that are not simply solved.


This model is equipped with a built-in display that plays your company’s advertising messaging as well as that of third party advertisers. Because of these third party advertisers you can have this waterfree urinal installed for Free ! Start being sustainable wothout any investment.

Providing Green Solutions Since 2012

Mr. Friendly is a leading supplier of environmentally friendly products in the sanitary industry.


Mr. Friendly Waterless

Waterless from Denmark.

As far as we are concerned, the Summit. Beautiful ceramics, perfect design and absolutely the best filter.

Denmark is at the forefront when it comes to anhydrous urinals. You see them everywhere. The water is clearly more expensive there than elsewhere and that has accelerated penetration. This urinal has everything in it. Beautiful material, perfectly shaped so that splattering is out of the question, sleek white ceramic, heavily constructed and built to last for many years. It is not for nothing that thousands have already been installed. The nicest hotels, the nicest restaurants, the busiest locations and many stadiums. They all chose Waterless!

Falcon Technologies has developed a filter that has no equal. A wet filter that is guaranteed to close and last for a long time. In addition, this is a filter that, in contrast to dry filters, protects your pipes well. Look for more information about this filter here.

Mr.Friendly with built-in video player.

Absolutely unique. Watch inspiring videos while using the urinal.

  • Communicate with your customers.
  • Advertise your special promotions or recruit new staff.
  • It is all possible via the built-in display in the urinal.

Make sales by gathering external advertisers on your urinal and receive commission.

Want to know more about the built-in video player? click here

In certain cases it is possible to obtain the Mr.Friendly urinal with built-in video player completely free of charge.


you will not find a better filter!

Filters are needed on waterless urinals as they are the odor traps as well as the collector of all the junk that normally gets in your pipe if these guys weren't installed. There are wet and there are dry filters. Wet filters contain the odor within the filter with a liquid on top that has to replenished from time to time. Dry filters, on the other hand, don´t need liquid. We supply both filter types. We have been testing our filters for years and we can confidently say these are the best filters of both types on the market. Contact us for further information about both systems.